With its special honey color, distinct growth rings, cracks and other imperfections, OLD OAK WOOD is incredibly impressive. With a lot of handiwork and careful craftsmanship, following the example of artisans of times past, we accentuate the wood’s precious patina, acquired through a hundred and more years of aging. By REUSING the oak wood, we show it the respect it deserves.

The OLDOAK team assigns new tasks to wooden beams collected in old farmhouses and barns, so they may live again as a massive table, presiding over the room, as a high cabinet, laughing in the face of fleeting trends… OLDOAK is THE THING. Each piece of furniture, made out of old oak wood, is a unique product that cannot be recreated. It is functional and lasting. Traces, left in the wood by its previous use, on the other hand, tell stories of different times and places.

OLDOAK is more than just interesting pieces of furniture and interior decoration. Our team will also happily tackle any kind of new challenge AT YOUR REQUEST.

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